Risk Profile Mapping

Mapping Tools

At Embark Investments, our aim is to offer you the tools needed to fit with your business processes.

The Embark Horizon Multi-Asset Fund range is managed in line with EV’s risk profiles. However, we also work with other third party providers to map our Funds to other popular attitude to risk profiles to help you choose the right solution for your clients’ needs.

Below you will find how our Funds map to EV, Distribution Technology, FinaMetrica, and Defaqto risk profiling scales.

Fund EV1 Distribution
Growth Assets
Best fit risk comfort zone
Risk Rating4
Horizon Multi-Asset Fund I 1 4 37% 32-48 3
Horizon Multi-Asset Fund II 2 4 46% 49-54 4
Horizon Multi-Asset Fund III 3 5 57% 55-62 5
Horizon Multi-Asset Fund IV 4 6 75% 63-76 6
Horizon Multi-Asset Fund V 5 7 95% 77-100 8

1 EV’s 5-point scale as at 31/12/2023.

2 Distribution Technology as at Q1 2024.

3 © FinaMetrica Pty Ltd. Risk tolerance scores were mapped to the funds’ strategic asset allocations as at 30/09/2023. The mappings are only for use by financial advisers licensed to use FinaMetrica’s risk profiling system and do not constitute financial advice. Financial advisers must satisfy themselves that the funds’ current asset allocations reflect the risk/return expectations of the funds when mapped. Embark pays FinaMetrica for the mappings in the table. However, these mappings are calculated independently by FinaMetrica.

4 Defaqto is a financial information business. Data as at 18/03/2024.


For use by professional financial advisers only. No other person should rely on, or act on any information in the above when making an investment decision.

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